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About the company: We are at our earliest stages of growth and we look for people with a strong desire to create unusual things, something that was not created before. We follow various types of fields from deep learning to bioinformatics and genetics. That requires a certain mindset and ability to learn new tools, no fear in switching from one technology, tool, or framework to another. The key is to find the right tools to perform as best as we can. Speed also matters. What You'll Do: You'll work on the interaction between various types of software (between Blender and custom 3D engine for instance), neural networks applied to computer vision problems in various fields (from robotics to bioinformatics), and more. The set of potential tasks is huge, now we're in constant search for the most perspective areas where we could apply our skills and knowledge. Requirements: 1. Practical knowledge of Python 3.x. At least 3 years of working experience as a Python developer 2. Linear algebra, probability theory, optimization 3. Machine learning algorithms: linear models, neural networks, reinforcement learning 4. Practical knowledge of OOP, algorithms, and data structures 5. Git advanced user 6. Linux advanced user 7. Practical knowledge of PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, NumPy, OpenCV; 8. Ability to build projects from source (C++, CMake) and read C++ code 9. Ability to read and implement science papers As a plus: 1. Experience with Blender, Maya; 2. Experience with Unreal, Unity; 3. Linear algebra, geometry; 4. Active GitHub account; 5. Experience with AWS (ec2, s3) 6. Experience with Protobuf, gRPC, zeroMQ, rabbitMQ, and similar We offer: 1. Official employment 2. Competitive salary 3. Flexible working hours and option to work part-time

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The main area of our focus is machine learning (deep learning, in particular). We believe it will boost every other domain of humanity. Here are some of the areas we follow and want to be part of - robotics, bioinformatics and genetics, quantum computing, hydrogen technologies.

Denis Cera

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