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Buying/Sales Agent for English or German or French or Italian Market - € 360

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  • 4 oct. 2016, 18:10
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Basic requirements: - Advanced level of English or German or French or Italian, both written/spoken - Computer knowledge ( Email, e-Browsers, Skype, Office apps) - Always to be on top of Customer's needs and requirements - Self -motivated, wide thinking, responsible, able to resist under stress We ask: - Company searching - To establish contact with potential customers on the phone and convert them into repetitive business partners (cold-calling) - Ability to spend long time on the phone - Renewing constantly Company database with new contacts We offer: - Salary of 300 € + paid lunches 60 € - Continuous Training - Professional growth Candidates that have lived/worked abroad will be given priority. If you are interested, please send your CV at pavelc.sovamax@gmail.com

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