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OpenTech Development is an extraordinary place to work, to grow your skills and techniques. Together with our talented colleagues we are focused on top-notch technologies, striving to bring the best software solutions on the market. As a part of our team, you will learn how to write applications based on micro-services infrastructure, using latest technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, automated testing, CI / CD, and many more For our junior position, we prefer talent and ambitions over experience. If you are talented, ambitious, and have a strong desire to create software, we strongly recommend joining our company. Our experienced mentors will boost your knowledge and coding skills Minimum requirements - Be familiar with Object-Oriented Programming principles - Good understanding of JavaScript - Good understanding of HTML / CSS - Experience with React is a plus - Experience with any other Framework is a plus - Experience with Node.js / Express is a plus What you will learn - React Framework, - Node.js, Express, Next.js, Nest.js - Architecture based on microservices - Docker containerization - Kubernetes - CI / CD - Postgres What we offer - A great salary - Phenomenal Crew - Amazing office atmosphere - Invaluable chance to learn, to show your competence, and reach new highs - The skills you learn are your investment in the future, so why not pick the best offer? Send us your CV at OpenTech. Engineering the future!

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Open Tech Development is a young and daring IT company, ready to bring a change in a challenging world, where technologies are pervasive and the progress never stops! OpenTech. Open the Future !


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