We hire experienced truck dispatcher in chisinau!

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  • 15 апр. 2020, 12:29
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The best offer and conditions for TRUCK DISPATCHER in Chisinau We hire only experienced and high level of competency dispatchers into the team. 1.5% - Gross, MAKE MONEY + 30% - Dispatch Software - increased dispatcher efficiency due to the developed dispatch software. There are no restrictions on the number of trucks. There are no requirements to sit in the office on schedule. There are no inadequate bosses or supervisors. You run by the contract. Cool workspace (Coffee, tea and comfortable chairs) Professional and pleasant team. The set is limited, only: 4 dispatchers are needed 1 Reefers, 2 Dry Vans, 1 FL/ST We'll close the vacancy immediately after finding the suitable candidates. We are expanding the team, by expanding the fleet of our customers. Write or call: Telegram - 321-888-3347 Email - Alex.k@dipatch42.com Viber - +37360756622

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