SITRA GROUP is an international transport company which specialises in the transportation of foodstuff. We pride ourselves on a high level of service, carrying our customer its goods throughout Europe in a timely fashion. For our Chisinau office, we want to ensure our growth by expanding our team:

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Passion is the best job in the world. We, at SITRA GROUP, pride ourselves on being a trustworthy employer which has the best interests for its employees. Our aim is to guide our colleagues so they can grow together with our company. Opportunities a

Șoferi de TIR pentru rute internaționale з/п не указана

Pentru transporturi în Europa de Vest și de Est, inclusiv transporturile naționale din România. Oferim: - Autovehicule moderne dotate cu calculator de bord pentru comunicare și navigare - Autocamioane Euro 5 și 6 de la branduri auto de top: DAF și

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For transports in both Western and Eastern Europe, including national transports within Romania. What we offer: - Modern fleet equipped with board computer for communication and navigation - Euro 5 and 6 trucks of top brands: DAF and Mercedes - Prof