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Speak English? Get Your $500 salary + up to $1500 in bonus every month!

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WE ARE EXPANDING - Seeking for 30 Customer Service Representatives to join Canadian Insurance Company (REMOTE) $500 + up to $1500 in bonus every month. Call center job. Remote. NO COLD CALLS. FULL TIME ONLY. Canadian Insurance company is hiring worldwide (except India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nigeria - not well connected with Amazon AWS). Insurance Supermarket is the company with 12+ years on insurance market in North America. Being the largest online broker in Canada, we are constantly in search of new talent for our customer service and pre-sales teams. Join the team of 200+ talented people to: - improve your financial side of life - to learn more and new from the industry leaders - to unlock amazing career opportunities - to get personal and professional growth What is required: - good work ethics, as we are very proud of our friendly and caring work environment - good speaking English (similar or close to English North America) - easy with conversations and small talk - stress resistant - being quick on your feet - willingness to learn and grow - persuasive skills and objection handling abilities When people start thinking about insuring their lives, they go online and search for the necessary information. Eventually they find one of our websites and send us a request to call them back and provide more details. Within the next 30 seconds their cell phone rings. This is one of our agents calling, and we are now looking for potential candidates to take up such a position. You are going to work according to Canada time zones. 8-hour shifts 5d/week, so the later your shift starts, the later it will be over. The shifts are assigned individually to each employee. In certain cases you might be given a day off during the week so that you could work on Saturday or Sunday. Minimum Technical Requirements: CPU: i5 or higher, might be i3 8 gen with 8 GB RAM, AMD CPU score min 4k (www.cpubenchmark.net) RAM: 8GB SSD would be a + Win 10 Onboarding Process: - recruitment audition - HR interview - technical check - training 1 week (2h/day). Compensated once 1st working month is completed. - onboarding If this is about you, lets talk and take it from there. *Experience is welcomed but not a requirement. For details contact Skype: ju_hr live:e68e7e7c7c8854f0

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